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BHG Featured in American Pie 2 Soundtrack - May 10, 2001

The American Pie 2 soundtrack (to be released July 24, 2001) will feature a new song by the Bloodhound Gang titled "Jackass". Orginally recorded for the soundtrack to MTV's show, Jackass, the song was turned down by Johnny Knoxville himself (he stated there were too many songs in the world with the name "Jackass" or similar derivitives). This also marks the first recording done with Willie The New Guy since he joined the band in 1999. Speaking of Jackass, the soundtrack will feature "Boom" which was Mr. Knoxville's top choice.
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Jimmy Pop Does Weezer Remix - May 16, 2001
As many of you know, Weezer's new album arrived on store shelves yesterday. Also, you might notice Weezer thanks Jimmy Pop on their list of "thanks yous." It's been reported (from of Lupus' post in Hatebook) that Jimmy has in fact done a remix of Weezer's "Hash Pipe." No word if this will be released, but it is complete and has been turned into the record company. For more info on Weezer check out
No DVD Home Videos for The US?- April 23, 2001
Here's a post from Lupus regarding the BHG Home Videos (One Fierce Beer Run and Hooray for Groupies): I know that the German record label (Motor) has expressed interest in releasing it on DVD. As for the US and other territories, I don't know. If they only release it in Germany, it will be ok for Europe, but bad for everywhere else (unless you have a multi-region DVD player). We're hoping to get it released everywhere on DVD though. This was taken from a post from Hatebook yesterday.
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BHG, Monkey Skeletons, and Skittles?- March 20, 2001
Most of you know about the crazy demands rock stars have for their pre-show preparation and rituals. Bloodhound Gang is no different. The Gang was featured in a MTV special focusing on things rock stars ask for. It was reported that among the list of demands expect to see a request for a monkey skeleton and Skittles separated by color. The Skittles are for Jared, as he's an obsessive compulsive.
Why theBHG Page Wasn't Here Over the Weekend - March 20, 2001
If you came here over the weekend, you might have noticed the site was down. I know I have not violated any of the Terms and therefore was confused about what happened. But, it was apparently all a mistake, and my site was deleted by accident, along with a couple of other Tripod memeber sites. 
theBLOODHOUNDGANG Page added to yahoo! - February 22, 2001
After many tries Yahoo! has finally decided to add me to their search engine. About damn time I say, I think I deserve this. I have no idea why Yahoo! did not add my site before. I mean, is my site really that crappy??? Well anyways, getting added to Yahoo! means more exposure for the site.
Interview With Lupus at - February 22, 2001
Spank over at asked Lupus to answer some questions - so he did. The boys at like alcohol, women, porn, and really bad music. Check it out and learn about pee streams, drunken weekends and Nikki Dial.
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