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Hi, I'm Mike and  I run this site your looking at right now. theBLOODHOUNDGANG Page was my third ever website but the first sucessful one. My first and second sites total amount of hits did not exceed more than 2000 both of them combined. Both of which are now closed and can never be found ever again (thank God). As for an html point of view I don't know shit, so what you see before you is the cut and paste wonder of the internet. theBLOODHOUNDGANG Page has gone through multiple changes (Versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and now 4.0). The worst one being 2.0 because looking back at it, was a major rip-off of (sorry about the Jones). 2.0 only lasted for 2 months before being totally revamped to version 3.0. So as closing, I would like to say thanks for coming to my site. ENJOY
How to make theBLOODHOUNDGANG Page 
Although I must admit I take this step forgranted, it's very important. This where you do all your planning and make images you plan to use for the site. You should probably think about what kind of organization your site should have. Like the sections and sub-sections and such. Make sure you plan well. You wouldn't wanna have to redo the all your pages, thanks to one minor mistake. Trust me, this has happened to me on multiple occasions.
Okay, now you've got all your icons and shit done. Now you gotta organize. Make you sure that you keep the design well organized. This helps your site visually as well as functionally. Try to keep important things like links to different sections stick out. You wouldn't want visitors to not be able to get to a page on your site cause they can't find the link. Also think about what you want to include on your front page. Think of it as a portal to every part of your site.
This has got to be the hardest part of the whole process. You should always judge a site by it's content. Content often comes from the writing you do on your site. So, words are just as important as your flashy images and animations. Always try to write true to yourself, as most people can smell a faker from miles away. Try to form your sentences well and make it as understandable to the reader as possible. But I bet you already knew that.
There's no denying it. The best place to get information is the net. Study other people's websites and see what you like and don't like about them. Make their mistakes useful to you. As trying to avoid they're mistakes. Get as much info as you can. You never know what kind of oddball info your visitors might need. It's ok to get info from other sites as long as you don't completely rip it off. Also give credit to the site somewhere on your site as a show of appreciation. Now your done with your done with the main parts.
Okay, now that your site is done, you need a place to put it. Now, whether your getting your web space from a provider or for free, you should look for a couple of things. Does your provider have good servers? If not, your pages will take forever to load which will turn off many of your visitors. Another factor could be the file sizes within your pages, so make sure you keep it low. If it's a free provider, then you'll almost always have banner ads. So figure out wheter you want them as pop-ups (tripod) or embedded in your pages (geocities). To upload files, I prefer to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For more info on this I suggest you do some research. Of course you'd want a way for people to be able to find your site, so try to get listed in search engines (check out for info on this). Now that's done, it's time for the last step, Maintaining your Site.
The key to a good website is maintainance. Keeping your site up to date is key to having loyal visitors. Although daily updates aren't mandatory, they certainly are recommended. Weekly updates should be the minimum. Even if your site is done, keep on thinking of new things to add to it. Keep your readers interested. Try to think of new things that other sites won't have. If you find something interesting or obscure about your subject, make sure to mention it on your site. You never know what your readers could be looking for. Another key to a good websites is content. You could have the most beautiful looking website in the world, but if you don't have anything interesting to offer your visitors, don't expect many hits.Well that's it. Good luck into your venture into becoming a webmaster.
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